Meet Ms. Sage

Hi! This is a picture of my daugher Lili, me, and my husband Farmer Efrain. I love books, running in nature, and singing silly songs. I think the greatest joy in the world is watching knowledge trasform a child in a confident, independent, and curious learner.



in Elementary Education

3 Years

Worked in Bentonville Public Schools

5+ years

Working/teaching with children


Taught abroad: Fluent in English and Spanish

Why did I become a teacher?

Truthfully, I didn't want to at first. My father is a children’s book illustrator, and I spent a lot of my childhood at book conferences with him. I met authors who had traveled the world and written incredible stories and I wanted to be like them. I got a job as a story-time performer at a children's library to help pay for college, and I fell in love with watching little three-year-old's eyes light up with puppets and stories and... learning. I could talk about cows and be a toddler superhero.

I thought it was just fueling my drive to be a writer, but then I went on a study abroad in Mexico and taught English for a semester. I fell in love with watching student’s eyes brighten when they understood. The greatest joy in the world is watching knowledge transform a child into a confident, independent, and curious learner. I changed majors, started working in Bentonville Public Schools, had incredible internships….and then my husband and I got pregnant.

My plan to teach in a conventional classroom changed because I wanted to be with my child, but I also wanted to teach….so Farmhouse Academy Pre-School was born! It was the ideal way for me to “have it all,” and I feel incredibly blessed to be a full-time mother and teacher. My life discoveries have taught me that my skills in listening, motivating, and teaching can all come together in a magical and messy way…. because we humans are magical and messy. Seeing the wonder in the world through my student’s eyes fills me with hope and gratitude for everything around me.

Ms. Sage with a student she taught in Mexico.

Ms. Sage performing at the Bentonville library.

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